A Weekend Of Welding (AWOW)

Pick up a skill, put down the gun!

Calling all Gun Violence Advocates and residents of Baltimore. On January 21, 2023, Kay Williams aka JoseyWeldz (Welding Instructor) will be having her second annual “A Weekend of Welding” (AWOW) sponsored by Jane Addams Resource Corporation.

This year, A Weekend of Welding is in honor of Kay's grandson, Tayqwon, who lost his life a week after graduating high school. It happened just 6 months ago, Kay's pain is deep and the wound is very much fresh. AWOW was formed in 2018 when she moved to Maryland from Virginia. Monday mornings consisted of Kay getting ready for work while watching the news, regardless of which channel… another weekend of violence in Baltimore was always the theme and continues to be. Welding has always been an outlet for Kay whether she is teaching, working in the field, or just being creative so she wanted to combine her passion for it along with her love for helping people.

Not everyone is familiar with welding or they tend to think that it is just smoke and fire. AWOW allows them to see the creative fun side to it. Participants get to mig weld and make metal sculptures that are judged and prizes awarded. There is music, laughter and plenty of food but most of all it’s about the fellowship. Kay, some welding buddies and some of her former students are engaging with AWOW participants and just connecting on a personal level. We believe everyone has a story. JARC staff will also be on hand to sign anyone up who wants to attend orientation. This year, we are inviting gun violence advocates and anyone who is trying to help curb gun violence to participate so when they speak and mention to people about JARC’s program they will be able to talk with conviction because they attended AWOW and actually welded.

Anyone can attended but you must RSVP because space is limited. I look forward to seeing the turnout. Get ready Baltimore we are going to do a Flash Mob of The Park Height Strut!