Why is this man smiling?

After 10 weeks of training, Tim Holt has a new job.

Tim came to JARC-Baltimore to improve his welding skills and upgrade his professional certifications. When he completed his training, he expressed his gratitude.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program,” he wrote. “Thanks to JARC-Baltimore, I have been able to re-certify in AWS D 1.1 3/8” plate, 3G and 4G positions. But more importantly, you and your tremendous staff have helped me re-assemble the pieces in my life that have gone too long without resolution.”

Tim paid tribute to his welding instructor, Alan Horst, saying, “It was a pleasure to meet a professional ironworker who gave his time and expertise to promote my welding career. Rarely have I met someone who so unselfishly gives of his knowledge to benefit another.”

Tim (right) is grateful to his welding instructor Al Horst.

Tim (right) is grateful to his welding instructor Al Horst.

“It is with great pride that I promote JARC-Baltimore to future enrollees in their pursuits toward excellence in the fields of CNC and welding. You have helped me obtain and maintain a career in welding, rather than just a job.”

“JARC recognizes that people need a hand up. I have nothing but gratitude for this program and these people.”

Congratulations to Tim and cheers to his bright future!