Supporting Moms & Families

At a time when the manufacturing sector is struggling to find skilled candidates for open positions, women remain an untapped resource.

There are many obstacles to starting a manufacturing career – lack of affordable childcare, lack of sufficient skills and negative perceptions of manufacturing, to name a few – and are keeping women, and moms in particular, off the shop floor. 

To help moms succeed, JARC uses a “two generation” approach to its programs, addressing the needs of both parents and their children. For many vulnerable moms, lack of access to childcare prevents them from enrolling in job training programs, like the ones offered at JARC, and starting a career. At the same time their children are more likely to remain in poverty and fail to meet key developmental milestones if mothers cannot make ends meet. By partnering with childcare and education providers, JARC helps remove the persistent childcare barrier, opening doors for unemployed mothers and their children to achieve self-sufficiency.

 At JARC we’re committed to helping mothers and their families succeed. Erika, mother of three, worked part time while attending JARC’s CNC Fast Track Program and is now working full-time as a Machine Operator at a large manufacturer in the western suburbs. Yvette, mother of one, was stalled in a low-skilled manufacturing job and came to JARC to build up her skills. Now she’s working full-time, making nearly $17/hour, and cherishes her afternoons and evenings with her daughter.

We wish a very happy Mother’s Day to the many mothers who have come through our doors!