julian’s Story

From Student to Teacher

When Julian enrolled in training, he didn't expect to come back to JARC as an instructor.

When Julian enrolled in training, he didn't expect to come back to JARC as an instructor.

Julian learned about JARC's free training programs on public access television. Even though he didn't have a manufacturing background, he was intrigued about a career where he could work with his hands. He laughed about the irony of getting involved in Computer Numerical Control (CNC), which is all about using your brain. 

Just a few months out of high school, Julian enrolled in JARC’s CNC Fast Track Program. He found JARC’s teaching and learning philosophy refreshing. He was encouraged to problem solve, engage with his peers, and most of all, ask questions. “It was like how I wanted school to be all the time,” he said.

Julian not only made friends with people that he wouldn’t have met outside of the program, he also learned many life lessons from his older peers. One advice that he carries with him to this day is how the choices you make now have consequences you won’t see until much later in life. “For a lot of people JARC was their last stop. But for me, it was my first stop,” Julian said.

After graduating, Julian worked as a CNC Machinist at Hoist Lift Truck Manufacturing. In 2014,Julian was hired on JARC's CNC Instructor. In Julian’s classroom, he tries to simulate a real-world manufacturing environment as closely as possible. “Right now, there are a lot of young people in my class who have never had jobs,” he said. “And you need to know how to deal with people. You need to learn conflict resolution. You [need to] be able to speak your mind and ask questions without being afraid that you asked it 12 times already.”

When asked about his plans for the future, Julian said "teaching is something I see myself doing a long time.”